Tree of Hope Plaque

Tree Plaques and Grave Markers

Memorial Tree Plaques

We can provide personalised memorial tree plaques. These trees are planted in memory of a loved one. Tree plaques can also be used when trees are planted to mark a special event such as the opening of a new building or new office block.

Grave Markers

We also make tree plaques that can be used as grave markers. They can be engraved with a poem or words in memory of a loved one. A logo or a picture may also be included on the plaque.

Grave Markers for Pets

Many people like to design a memorial plaque or grave marker for their beloved pets. These can be customised to your own design. We can offer a variety of colours, logos or images.

Tree plaques are durable and suitable for outdoor use.  We provide a stake with them which can easily be inserted into the soil.


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